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Launch of Jacques D'Adesky's book

Cultne TV recorded at Livraria Travessa in Botafogo, RJ the launch of the book "A Brief History of Racism. Intolerance, Genocide and Crimes against Humanity", authored by the anthropologist Jacques d'Adesky, an Afro-European intellectual who has dedicated himself to to the study and academic production on this topic in Brazil, should be received as a significant contribution to the understanding of a phenomenon too important to be relegated to the sphere of common sense. Of particular interest to scholars of racism are the topics that address the evolution of this thought, from religious intolerance in countries such as Greece, the Roman Empire and ancient Egypt, through Christian anti-Judaism and Arab and Iberian proto-racism, which end up providing the initial justifications for the enslavement of Africans, both in the Americas and the Middle East, and which constitute a very little – and undeservedly – ??known chapter of history. From there, we move on to the construction of scientific racism, with the Aryan myth and the ideological bases of Nazism, with emphasis on anti-Semitism, eugenics and sociobiology, a recently proposed pseudoscience (1970s).

Samba Train

Ten years ago, TV Alerj recorded Trem do Samba and Ricardo Brasil, Cultne na TV presenter, showed who is good on the day of samba. Event conceived by singer and composer Marquinhos de Oswaldo Cruz, aims to immortalize the suburb of Rio de Janeiro as the sacred territory of samba.

Tribute to Idalice Moreira Bastos - AfroDai

June 6th was decreed by the legislation of the State and Municipality of Rio de Janeiro as the day of the trancista person, recognizing as a craft the work of women who make the African ancestral technique a source of income. This date was chosen and recognized for being the birthday of Idalice Bastos, the pioneer of the craft in Rio de Janeiro. Dai worked with great passion to value black aesthetics and became a reference in braids and hair and aesthetic care for the black population in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the work of strengthening the self-esteem of the black population, through a salon specializing in black beauty. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Dai created a non-governmental institution, recognized by the UN, to teach the trade of trance singer in a way that always brings reflection on the conditions of black women in Brazil. Video: Cultne Audiovisual Slam: Nil Mendonca Editing: Angelino Albaneze Conception: Filo Filho

São Paulo Fashion Week 2022

The collection “As Três Graças do Brasil” by stylist Mônica Sampaio, founder of the Santa Resistência brand, pays homage to three leading women on the path to Brazilian independence: the indigenous Catarina Paraguaçu, the black Maria Felipa and the white Maria Quitéria. At different times in Brazil's history, they worked alongside the poor, indigenous people, farmers and women to defend the Recôncavo region. The first three looks of the show in green synthesize this triad, in the crochet amazon dress and long fringe bar, with a crochet foliage headdress, the long one with many ruffled bands and the shirt also full of ruffles on the front used with boot and beret.

Samba de Roda do Awurê

Cultne recorded the Awurê group and the samba de roda in the backyard of Rua Pirapora, in Madureira.

Afro-Brazilian Orchestra - 80 Years Show

Presentation of the Afro-Brazilian Orchestra in celebration of its 80 years of existence, held on June 14, 2022, at Teatro Ipanema, south of Rio de Janeiro. On the same day, the 80th birthday of Carlos Negreiros, the last remaining musician from the original formation of the orchestra, founded in 1942, was celebrated.

Leilane Ribeiro

Cultne presents the program "Cultne in Review" with a presentation by Carlos Alberto Medeiros (@carlosalbertomedeirosoficial); production, editing and direction by Filó Filho. The project arises due to social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing the Afro-descendant community to reflect and learn about the facts that present themselves in their daily lives. Today's Cultne in Review edition has as a guest the law student and activist Leilane Ribeiro @leeiribeiro who will talk about her life trajectory and the scene of contemporary black women.

The Comeback


Alessandra Costa

Historian Marcelo José Domingos is a Doctoral Student in History. His research theme is “What happened in Algiers? Exiles, Black Panthers and the CIA in the 1970s”.

Sortilegio, By Abdias Nascimento

The new edition of the definitive text of the play by Abdias Nascimento, Sortilégio, includes texts by Jessé Oliveira, founder of the Caixa Preta black theater group, as well as interviews with actors Léa Garcia and Ângelo Flávio, and an introductory text by Elisa Larkin Nascimento who historically situates the trajectory and evolution of this classic of black theater and Brazilian theater.

Samba Social Thought

Intellectuals, artists and samba lovers debate ideas and defend carnival rites and codes! We were present covering the new edition of "Escolas de samba: Cultura e negritude", a course that aims to discuss the phenomenon of samba schools from the perspective of the experience of racism and black slavery in Brazil. The objective of the meeting is to understand the construction of samba schools as a space for black associations and sociability in the post-abolition scenario.

Papo Black - EP 01

In times of social isolation we produced a Soul Online Party celebrating 50 years of black music in Brazil. On the occasion we produced a dialogue of authentic characters who lived the magic moment of black music in the 70s. In the first episode Sandra and Paulinho Philadhelfia recount their wanderings in the soul parties under the command of countless soul teams.

Awurê - Maryzelia e a Malandragem

Cultne recorded the group Awurê and the Bahian singer Maryzélia in Samba de Malandro in the backyard on Pirapora street, in Madureira.

Indigenous peoples in the dictatorship

Series INCONTÁVEIS: debut live | Episode: Indigenous Peoples in Dictatorship | Organized by: UFRJ Memory and Truth Commission

Tambores de Arrozal

Tambores de Arrozal é um documentário idealizado por um grupo de documentaristas cariocas, produzido pela Produzcultura, com direção de Carlos Junior e produção executiva de Eufrate Almeida, que relata a cultura do Jongo. Tradição enraizada no povo arrozalense, grande parte, descendente dos povos africanos, trazidos como cativos para agricultura da região conhecida como Vale do Café. Com objetivo de reconhecer a significância dos praticantes do jongo arrozalense, como protagonista de sua história, o documentário debruçou-se sobre o conteúdo, com narrativa e formação de rodas de jongo, em planos cinematográficos, para imortalizar em registro digital, a resistência das práticas culturais de seus ancestrais, no cultivo de suas raízes e incentivar as novas gerações, para darem continuidade à cultura do jongo, como herança histórica da região.

Canjerê do Amaro - Part 1

Marcelo Amaro presents Canjerê do Amaro Show recorded at Batuq Casa de Samba on April 30, 2022 In the repertoire Amaro sings authorial works from his three albums, his DVD, artists of his generation and Samba classics. In addition to many guests who arrive adding to this beautiful project. A great Kizomba! Credits: Marcelo Amaro - Trio of Congas, Cuíca, Agbê (Xequerê), Tamborim, Frying pan, Caxixis.

Carlos Dafé Program

Program aired on August 27, 2016 on TV Alerj with the guest, singer, instrumentalist and composer, Carlos Dafé, considered the "Prince of Soul" since the era of Brazilian soul music in the 70s.

Clowns - "Seu Sebastião" by Altay Veloso

Performance by Altay Veloso playing "Clowns" with the character "Seu Sebastião" from the book "Lábos de Cuba Libre", - from the author's literary work. "Lábos de Cuba Libre" is the name of a fictional nightclub in downtown Rio de Janeiro, which operated between 1957 3 1968. The most important episodes of this period, in Brazil and in the world, are discussed among the regulars of home: artists, rascals, sportsmen, ambassadors, politicians and traders all this, washed down with good doses of cuba libre.

Quilombo in Parliaments | The pre-candidates of the black movement #Eleições2022

Watch the launch of Quilombo in Parliaments, an initiative of the Black Coalition for Rights that presents more than 100 pre-candidates, aligned with the black movement, for positions in the National Congress and Legislative Assemblies in the 2022 Elections. Learn more at

To kill prejudice

Videoclip of Roda de Samba Balaio Bom with the song "To kill prejudice" by composers Raul DiCaprio and Manu da Cuíca. Composed in 2014, it is a great success of the circles all over Brazil, bringing reflection on the issue of black women in the country. Cultne Audiovisual

Melina de Lima, Raquel Barreto e Jurema Batista

En février 2022, la journaliste Lica Oliveira reçoit les intellectuelles Melina de Lima, Raquel Barreto et Jurema Batista pour une conversation au restaurant Kaza 123 à Vila Isabel, dans le nord de Rio de Janeiro.

Daan Corona Official Video - Senegal, Africa

The king left to face Corona. For this planetary struggle, Youssou Ndour launched a wide network to convey the message to Studio Sankaré, masterfully managed by Didier Awadi. Twenty (20) Senegalese artists from urban and mbalakh cultures, including Youssou Ndour, participated in the official awareness single "Daan Corona". A video available on digital platforms. Profits will go to the Ministry of Health to fight the pandemic.

Eddie and Vanessa: Love, Africanity and Technology.

Eddie and Vanessa love, africanity and technology in favor of the black culture of lusophony Presentation: Silvia Nascimento Production: Black World Recording and Editing: @Cultne Art: Apuan

National Samba Day - Velha Guarda da Portela

With images of Ebugbarijô by Ras Adauto and Vik Birkbeck and Cor da Pele - CP Prodó by Filó Filho and Carlos Alberto Medeiros, the Cultne Collection celebrates the National Samba Day with images of the Old Guard of Portela. Formed by former members of the Portela samba school (founded in 1923), Velha Guarda debuted on disk in 1970, with "Portela Passado de Glória", produced by Paulinho da Viola.

I First Cultural Exhibition - 2012 - Afro Block - Estimate

AI Mostra MAR Cultural that has the precious participation of @vandaferreira, @helenathedoro, the late Marcelo Reis, Nina Silva, @Jana Guinond - With a smile, Kevin Wilson from the American Consulate, Lucio Enrico from INEPAC, Bruno Onilu and the secretary of culture Emilio Kalil.

Seu Jorge & Soul Mais Samba 2015

Seu Jorge's participation in the samba circle of Grupo Soul + Samba in the 4 lines of Bento Ribeiro on April 19, 2015. With images by Filó Filho and Alvaro Araujo; photographic still of Zezzynho Andraddy, editing and reporting by Pedro Oliveira and direction by Filó Filho the team registered the event for the Cultne Collection.

Lazzo Matumbi - Abô

Abô - it's a music film, a path-breaking film! In 2021, Lazzo Matumbi celebrates 40 years of his career, and in the film he and his music bring us memories of songs immortalized in the artist's voice, with emphasis on reggae and samba. On the TCA Stage, a virtuous encounter with the multi-instrumentalist Felipe Guedes, where Lazzo – celebrating and thanking these four decades of music – says in good sound what is yet to come, and with great love presents the unprecedented “Minha Paz”. Abô is a sacred bath to purify and strengthen what is to come. Save Lazzo Matumbi!

Zal Sissokho - Musical Meeting Teatro Rival BR - Pt 2

Cultne registered at Rival BR on June 1, 2013 with images and editing by Alexandre Xandão and Filó Filho; and photographic still by Zezinho Andrade the 10th Senegal Independence Party with the participation of several guests, among them the Senegalese musician Zal Sissokho.

Programa Rafael Mike

Cultne on TV program presented by Carlos Alberto Medeiros, aired on October 19, 2019 on TV Alerj with guest singer and songwriter Rafael Mike.

Serginho Meriti - Ao Vivo - Bloco 2

Serginho Meriti ao vivo na Batuq Casa de Samba - Bloco 2

Marcelo José Domingos

Historian Marcelo José Domingos is a Doctoral Student in History. His research theme is “What happened in Algiers? Exiles, Black Panthers and the CIA in the 1970s”.

Coffee with love: We are living suns

Our weekly meeting to talk about Love and its Political-Poetic Acts! I am Aza Njeri, a Sunlighter!

Batuqueiro Heart in Wakanda in Madureira

Participation of Coração Batuqueiro in the Wakanda in Madureira party. The G.R.E.S.A.M. Coração Batuqueiro is a samba school for children that values Afro-Brazilian culture and discriminates against them through its musical and recreational activities. The group made a beautiful presentation at Wakanda in Madureira in its last edition of 2021, bringing together the group's students in a samba circle that enchanted the public.

Mãe Beata de Iemanjá

Beatriz Moreira Costa, known as Mãe Beata de Iemanjá (January 20, 1931 – May 27, 2017) was a Brazilian saint-mother, writer and artisan, who developed works related to the defense and preservation of the environment, human rights, education, health, combating sexism and racism. In April 2022, the Ylê Axé Omijuar on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, inaugurated a bust in his honor. Mãe Beata de Iemanjá (1931-2017) left a legacy as a mother of saint, writer and artisan, from her work in front of the Ylê Axé Omijuaro (House of Águas dos Olhos de Oxóssi) founded in 1985 and located in the metropolitan region of River in Nova Iguaçu, in the Miguel Couto neighborhood. Mother Beata, throughout her life, has always been in favor of social justice, has been at the forefront of mobilizations and activities to combat religious intolerance, to prevent STDs/HIV/AIDS and breast cancer, violence against women, to racial and gender discrimination, in addition to being a publicly known defender of the environment. Since the 1980s, she has been considered one of the great personalities of Candomblé in Rio de Janeiro. In April 2022 the bust of Mãe Beata de Iemanjá was inaugurated when Ylê Axé Omijuaro completed 37 years of foundation. Cultne TV was present recording the event and produced a short documentary about the importance of the great matriarch.

Brazil Sound

Music: Som Brasil Artist: Nego Alvaro Lyrics: Sereno and Moacyr Luz Directed by: Pedro Oliveira and Beni Ktt Screenplay: Pedro Oliveira Editing, Camera, Color and Cinematography: Beni Ktt Produced by: Patricia Senna Assist Produced by: Rafael Torraca and Victor Paulo Making of: Carlos Chacal Cast: Renata Ribeiro Painting: Cris Pantoja Costume: Quintal Pomegranate (Skirts) Location: Quilombo do Grotão Record company. Fine Biscuit

Plots and Black Identities

Lecture Plots and Black Identities with the participation of Professor Helena Theodoro, PhD in Philosophy; the Mangueira carnival artist, Leandro Vieira; and Sinara Rúbia from the Municipal Department of Culture, held on November 30, 2021 at the MUHCAB - Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture located in the Saúde neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

Show Macumbeira

Show of actress, singer and songwriter Jessica Ellen at Teatro Prudential presenting the show of her latest album Macumbeira held on March 11, 2022.

Black's July - Tradition, Persistence and Ancestry

On July 25th, we celebrate the International Day of Black Latin American, Caribbean and Diaspora Women - referring to the First Meeting of Afro-Latin American and Caribbean Women held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on the same date in 1992 -, in addition to of the National Day of Tereza de Benguela, which recalls the quilombola struggle and resistance of Quariterê (MT) under the leadership of Queen Tereza (1730-1770) in a Federal Law enacted by former President Dilma Rousseff (Law 12.987/2014). As a result, for many institutions and for many people, the period covered by the series of celebrations around the ephemeris is known as the Black July. Marking the month with activities related to debates on racial, gender and class oppression, the rise and insertion of black cis and trans women, for example, in politics was part of the strategy adopted to bring necessary reflections about the place occupied by this part of the population to the whole of Brazilian society, while, simultaneously, multisectoral articulations to face this reality are re-elaborated and discussed. Our position is also the result of the certainty that, when black women are effectively and proportionally represented, the democratic consolidation in the Brazilian style that has always been attempted will be effective, because under the principles of racial justice and reparation. Our guest Fátima Lima, anthropologist, Associate Professor at the UFRJ Multidisciplinary Center – Macaé, Northeastern, collaborator at Casa das Pretas and coordinator of the Study and Research Group ORI - Study and Research Group on Race, Gender and Sexuality/CNPq, says: " There's a lot of production by black women for us to meet and learn about!". Jaqueline Gomes de Jesus, professor of Psychology at the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro (IFRJ) and the Department of Human Rights, Health and Cultural Diversity at the Sérgio Arouca National School of Public Health at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (DIHS/ENSP/Fiocruz), speaks about the academic system and the importance of diverse education. Our guest Raquel Barreto, historian and researcher specializing in the work of the authors Angela Y. Davis (1944) and Lélia Gonzalez (1935-1994), talks about the black movement and the production of knowledge by black intellectuals, citing Lélia Gonzalez (1935-1994). ) and Beatriz Nascimento (1942-1995) as the main historical references. Melina de Lima, historian and granddaughter of the great intellectual and activist Lélia Gonzalez (1935-1994), co-author of the Lélia Gonzalez Vive Project and Director of Education and Culture at the Lélia Gonzalez Memorial Institute (coming soon), talks about African philosophy, intellectual production -theory of black women, their historical contributions to the black and feminist movements and the lack of racial democracy in the country. Our guest Idelzuíta Ribeiro da Paixão, matriarch and granddaughter of the founders of Quilombo Mimbó, in the rural area of ??Amarante (PI), tells us about her family history and the construction of Quilombo Mimbó. Research sources: Geledés, Brasil Escola and G1. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Canal Preto would like to thank our guests for their participation.

Black World Powerlist Black Women 2022

In 2022, on July 25th, the International Day of Black Women in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Mundo Negro Site, through the Black Women Powerlist transforming stories, celebrated the performance of black women from different areas of activity who are changing their personal stories. , their families and society.

Baianidade Nagô

In the mood of revelry and under the carnival radiations, activated by the drums and all the Bantu tradition that is incorporated and predominates in the biggest party in the world, Awurê brings you, BAIANIDADE NAGÔ.