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Gustavo Bronze

Historian Gustavo Bronze, Bachelor of History from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) and Professor of Public Education. His research has as its theme "Monarchy and Republic in the "ginga" of an abolitionist and his Black Guard".

From the Acarajé Tabuleiros: Afro-Brazilian Cuisine

The foods and recipes of African origin were, after arriving in Brazilian territory, modified in their techniques of preparation and adaptation of ingredients, giving rise to African cuisine in Brazil – or Afro-Brazilian cuisine. Acarajé is the most famous and popular African food we have in the country: a dumpling made of black-eyed peas and fried in palm oil, stuffed with vatapá, caruru, shrimp and pepper sauce. Its name comes from the Yoruba language – “acará” (ball of fire) and “jé” (act of eating), added later – and it began to be sold on trays in the streets of Salvador (18th and 19th centuries). Our guest Aline Chermoula, chef owner of Chermoula Cultura Culinária, researcher of ancestral Afrodiasporic cuisine across the Americas, professor at Gastromotiva, columnist Vogue Brasil and Site Mundo Negro, talks about the use of leaves in African cuisine, citing the women deli and winners. Kanu Akin Trindade, Om? Ògún, biologist, production engineer, co-founder of Dida Bar e Restaurante, says: "I think that, within the African diaspora, acarajé symbolizes how whatever they do, whatever they have done is not strong enough to separate people from Africa. The acarajé symbolizes a lot of power".

Centenary Iyá Davina d'Omolu

From Bahia to Saúde, from Saúde to Baixada Fluminense. Iyá Davina covered the roadmap for the implementation of Candomblé in Bahia in Rio de Janeiro. His granddaughter by blood and daughter of saint Meninazinha makes the São Matheus house an irradiating center for serving the community and disseminating the religion of the orixás. Inheritances expand, ties multiply. In the world of men, traditions intertwine.

Seu Jorge & Soul Mais Samba 2015

Seu Jorge's participation in the samba circle of Grupo Soul + Samba in the 4 lines of Bento Ribeiro on April 19, 2015. With images by Filó Filho and Alvaro Araujo; photographic still of Zezzynho Andraddy, editing and reporting by Pedro Oliveira and direction by Filó Filho the team registered the event for the Cultne Collection.

National Samba Day - Velha Guarda da Portela

With images of Ebugbarijô by Ras Adauto and Vik Birkbeck and Cor da Pele - CP Prodó by Filó Filho and Carlos Alberto Medeiros, the Cultne Collection celebrates the National Samba Day with images of the Old Guard of Portela. Formed by former members of the Portela samba school (founded in 1923), Velha Guarda debuted on disk in 1970, with "Portela Passado de Glória", produced by Paulinho da Viola.

Diego Moraes

In the new episode of our podcast 'Fala Diverse', presented by journalist Silvia Nascimento, we received reporter Diego 'San' Moraes from TV Globo, who enchanted many people, especially during the coverage of the Tokyo Olympics last year.

Baianidade Nagô

In the mood of revelry and under the carnival radiations, activated by the drums and all the Bantu tradition that is incorporated and predominates in the biggest party in the world, Awurê brings you, BAIANIDADE NAGÔ.

Pretagosnismo - Book launch

Gira Cultne Program! registered the launch of the book Pretagonismos no Rio de Janeiro, organized by historian Jonathan Raymundo and philosopher and cultural articulator Rodrigo França, authors of this passage, accepted the challenge of organizing the collection launched by Agir exalts, in 28 texts, the potency and plurality of black narratives. The Gira Cultne! is a partnership between Cultne and Mundo Negro that airs every week on our social media.

Papo Black - EP 01

In times of social isolation we produced a Soul Online Party celebrating 50 years of black music in Brazil. On the occasion we produced a dialogue of authentic characters who lived the magic moment of black music in the 70s. In the first episode Sandra and Paulinho Philadhelfia recount their wanderings in the soul parties under the command of countless soul teams.

Lazzo Matumbi - Abô

Abô - it's a music film, a path-breaking film! In 2021, Lazzo Matumbi celebrates 40 years of his career, and in the film he and his music bring us memories of songs immortalized in the artist's voice, with emphasis on reggae and samba. On the TCA Stage, a virtuous encounter with the multi-instrumentalist Felipe Guedes, where Lazzo – celebrating and thanking these four decades of music – says in good sound what is yet to come, and with great love presents the unprecedented “Minha Paz”. Abô is a sacred bath to purify and strengthen what is to come. Save Lazzo Matumbi!

Launch of the Awurê Documentary

Cultne coverage at the launch of the documentary "Na Rota do Samba de Roda" by the Awurê group at Estação Net Botafogo.

Show Macumbeira

Show of actress, singer and songwriter Jessica Ellen at Teatro Prudential presenting the show of her latest album Macumbeira held on March 11, 2022.

Coffee with love: We are living suns

Our weekly meeting to talk about Love and its Political-Poetic Acts! I am Aza Njeri, a Sunlighter!

Quilombo PCD: Pretxs with disabilities

Quilombo PCD campaign video September 21, 2020 - Disability Awareness and Struggle Day. The Quilombo PCD is to speak of ancestry, it is to use our ancestry in the re-edition of the territory of struggle, resistance, acceptance, recognition and identity.

Ilê Axé Opó Afonja - Casa do Alaká

Cultne produced, with the team composed of Vanda Ferreira, Alexandre Dias and Filó Filho, on August 16, 2017, the coverage of Casa do Alaká at Ilê Axé Opó Afonjá in the São Gonçalo neighborhood in the city of Salvador - Bahia. where the cloth of the coast is produced, a feminine tool very used by the followers of Candomblé. This audiovisual production was only possible thanks to the partnership between Cultne and the Secretary of Labor Employment Income and Sports of Bahia - SETRE, under the management of secretary Olivia Santana.

Samba de Roda do Awurê

Cultne recorded the Awurê group and the samba de roda in the backyard of Rua Pirapora, in Madureira.

Rubem Confetti Program

Cultne on TV program aired on December 30, 2017 on TV Alerj with the radio host, journalist and samba player Rubem Confete as a guest.

To kill prejudice

Videoclip of Roda de Samba Balaio Bom with the song "To kill prejudice" by composers Raul DiCaprio and Manu da Cuíca. Composed in 2014, it is a great success of the circles all over Brazil, bringing reflection on the issue of black women in the country. Cultne Audiovisual

Casa AfroDai - Nagô Trança Workshop

Casa AfroDai was founded in 1993 by Idalice Moreira Bastos, Dai. A black woman who brought representation, autonomy and self-esteem to the black community. The new space is an environment full of history, ancestry and Afro-Brazilian fashion trends, concentrating a cultural center of Afro-Brazilian art, cuisine and aesthetics. Aggregate of incredible creations and pieces that make Casa AfroDai full of representation, connection and affection.

5 YEARS OF THE MARCH OF BLACK WOMEN | As long as there is racism, there will be no democracy.

5 years of the Black Women's March - Against racism, violence and for good living, with @selmadealdina (@conaquilombos), Angela Maria da Silva Gomes (MNU), @clatiavieira (National Forum of Black Women), @nilmabentes (@ amnboficial) and @rosilenetorquatodeoliveirae (Black Pastoral Agents) with mediation by @reginaadamii (IROHIM).

Black Mixer - 40 Years of Fighting

Documentary produced for November 20, 2012, about the Black Movement from the 80s with images from the production companies Enugbarijô by Vik Birkbeck and Ras Adauto and Filó Filho and Carlos Medeiros for Cor da Pele - Production and Video.

Samba Train

Ten years ago, TV Alerj recorded Trem do Samba and Ricardo Brasil, Cultne na TV presenter, showed who is good on the day of samba. Event conceived by singer and composer Marquinhos de Oswaldo Cruz, aims to immortalize the suburb of Rio de Janeiro as the sacred territory of samba.

Olodum in Afro Memory

Cultne with images by Ras Adauto and Vik Brkbeck for Enugbaijô Comunicações in the 1980s, the trajectory of Bloco Afro Olodum.

Militantes del Movimiento Negro

As part of the celebration of Black Awareness Week, the producer Marquinhos New Charm in his work in front of Funabem - National Foundation for the Welfare of Minors in Quintino, in Rio de Janeiro presented the militan players Amauri Mendes Pereira, Adélia Azevedo, Iedo Ferreira and Beatriz Barbosa Rocha for a work to raise the awareness of the kids interned (at the time) in the institution.

I First Cultural Exhibition - 2012 - Afro Block - Estimate

AI Mostra MAR Cultural that has the precious participation of @vandaferreira, @helenathedoro, the late Marcelo Reis, Nina Silva, @Jana Guinond - With a smile, Kevin Wilson from the American Consulate, Lucio Enrico from INEPAC, Bruno Onilu and the secretary of culture Emilio Kalil.

Melina de Lima, Raquel Barreto e Jurema Batista

En février 2022, la journaliste Lica Oliveira reçoit les intellectuelles Melina de Lima, Raquel Barreto et Jurema Batista pour une conversation au restaurant Kaza 123 à Vila Isabel, dans le nord de Rio de Janeiro.

Black women in NY and “women who inspire”: meet Letícia Vidica

Still about women who inspire… We can only say one thing: This episode with the wonderful journalist Letícia Vidica (@levidica), is amazing!!!

LAB VARJÃO - WORKSHOP It doesn't have to be just hard financial education for creative entrepreneurship

Workshop offered by the LAB VARJÃO project at Casa Afrolatinas, DF/RJ connection with Ludmilla Oliveira.

Carlos Dafé Program

Program aired on August 27, 2016 on TV Alerj with the guest, singer, instrumentalist and composer, Carlos Dafé, considered the "Prince of Soul" since the era of Brazilian soul music in the 70s.

Daan Corona Official Video - Senegal, Africa

The king left to face Corona. For this planetary struggle, Youssou Ndour launched a wide network to convey the message to Studio Sankaré, masterfully managed by Didier Awadi. Twenty (20) Senegalese artists from urban and mbalakh cultures, including Youssou Ndour, participated in the official awareness single "Daan Corona". A video available on digital platforms. Profits will go to the Ministry of Health to fight the pandemic.

Black Youth, Existences and (Re)existences

BLACK YOUTH, EXISTENCES AND (RE)EXISTENCES Let's talk about the trajectory and work of three young leaders of the Hip Hop Movement. Shaira Mana Josy (Pará), Thaylon Azevedo (Rio de Janeiro) and Katrá Ungila (Angola).

Jeff Fagundes

In the edition of Cultne in Review, presenter @carlosalbertomedeirosoficial will talk to actor, producer, director and academic Jeff Fagundes.

Serginho Meriti - Ao Vivo - Bloco 2

Serginho Meriti ao vivo na Batuq Casa de Samba - Bloco 2

Batuqueiro Heart in Wakanda in Madureira

Participation of Coração Batuqueiro in the Wakanda in Madureira party. The G.R.E.S.A.M. Coração Batuqueiro is a samba school for children that values Afro-Brazilian culture and discriminates against them through its musical and recreational activities. The group made a beautiful presentation at Wakanda in Madureira in its last edition of 2021, bringing together the group's students in a samba circle that enchanted the public.

Vera Passos - Gira & Casa das Pretas

Gira - Circularities of Diasporic African Dances with dancer Vera Passos at Casa das Pretas. Cultne recorded the dance workshop with images and editing by Filó Filho and Alexandre Dias. Gira is a series of activities in the format of studies and research on African diasporic dances carried out at Casa das Pretas and aims to spread and work on the female body history, identity and sensory. Its goal is to awaken self-esteem, especially among black women.

All Africa in me - Afront Group

The lyrics of “Toda África em mim” are an invitation to travel, together with the author, Renato Ferreira, for the sounds, touches and sounds of names of cities, places, countries, of the African continent, with a Brazilian touch of flavor and history. . In the clip, the costume design is by Ione Carmo, from Abebé Moda Afro-Brasileira, the musical direction is by Celso Santana, the artistic team includes the voices of Adriana de Morais, AceSoul, Alberto Rodrigues Jansem Rodrigues, Ana Luiza Clevelares, Glaziele Reis, Lorena Vieira and Rony Lemos.

Programa Rafael Mike

Cultne on TV program presented by Carlos Alberto Medeiros, aired on October 19, 2019 on TV Alerj with guest singer and songwriter Rafael Mike.

Awurê - Maryzelia e a Malandragem

Cultne recorded the group Awurê and the Bahian singer Maryzélia in Samba de Malandro in the backyard on Pirapora street, in Madureira.

ADACI Brasil - Edna Rodrigues

ADACI - African Diaspora Ancestral Commemoration Institute - is a non-profit organization, located in the North American Capital, Washington, DC since June 19, 1992. The commemoration in Brazil took place on May 11, 2016 at the Ocupação do Palácio Capanema, with mural history of the trajectories of Navios Negreiros, reflection and debates on racism that since its ancestry is still strongly present in Brazil, as well as the granting of the Making Advance to Race award to Asfilófio de Oliveira and Carlos Alberto Medeiros.

Batuqueiro Heart in Wakanda in Madureira

Participation of Coração Batuqueiro in the Wakanda in Madureira party. The G.R.E.S.A.M. Coração Batuqueiro is a samba school for children that values Afro-Brazilian culture and discriminates against them through its musical and recreational activities. The group made a beautiful presentation at Wakanda in Madureira in its last edition of 2021, bringing together the group's students in a samba circle that enchanted the public.