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Historian Jonatas Ribeiro

Historian Jonatas Ribeiro, doctoral candidate in History at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), presents comments on the article "Space of Freedom and Autonomies: Os Clubes Negros de Minas Geraes" on Portal Geledés. The column “Our Stories” is a realization of the Network of Black Historians and Black Historians in partnership with Portal Geledés and the Cultne Collection.


The loss of their humanity, and their ability to understand themselves as a human person due to slavery, made many enslaved resort to a type of diet with high levels of sugar. This fact will harm the health of many generations over the years.

Programa Cesar Fraga

The episode brings as a guest photographer and graphic designer, Cesar Fraga, traveling through the audiovisual universe, especially photography.

Toninho Geraes - "Preceito" e "Oxôssi"

Birthday of Toninho Geares at Renascença Clube on March 15, 2015. Participation by Teresa Cristina, Aline Calixto and Arruda. The singer and composer Toninho Geraes has more than 200 songs recorded by names such as Zeca Pagodinho, Martinho da Vila, Agepê, Aline Calixto.

Durban 10 years later - Carlos Medeiros

Professor Carlos Alberto Medeiros outlined a 10-year review of the III World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Forms of Intolerance that took place in Durban from August 31 to September 9, 2021.

Hebe Mattos - UFJF / UFF-Labhoi

Hebe Maria da Costa Mattos Gomes de Castro is Full Professor at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora and 1 A researcher at the CNPq, graduated (1980), master (1985) and doctorate (1993) in History from Universidade Federal Fluminense, with Post -Doctorate at the University of Maryland at College Park (1997), at UNICAMP (2001) and at the Sorbonne - Paris IV (2008). She is a retired Full Professor at Universidade Federal Fluminense, where she continues to be accredited in the Graduate Program in History. She was Visiting Professor at Columbia University (Ruth Cardoso Chair, Fulbright / CAPES, 2013/2014), at the Federal University of Pernambuco (CNPq, 2013), at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (2004) and at the University of Michigan (1996 ). She is the associate coordinator of the Laboratory of Oral History and Image-research network (UFF / UFJF). She has experience in the field of History, with an emphasis on the History of Brazil, working mainly on the following themes: slavery, abolition, memory, video-history and oral history.

Poetry with Malandragem - Rafael Valois

The work “Poesia com Malandragem” is a way of paying homage to the good old trickery that still resists in the hearts of Bohemians from Rio de Janeiro and from all over Brazil. Praising the culture of ginga, dance and the good life of each and every trickster. As Chico Buarque says, “He's the trickster in the square again”. Trickster that is Trickster does not steal, doesn’t use Drugs, nor does he play bass. Trickster who is Trickster is good at the game, at the swing in the cabrocha and playing cards. ” So says Rafael Valois in his new composition embraced by Jeff Duarte (The red-hot trickster).

Táta Ricardo Menezes - Candomblé

Cultne recorded with images and editing by Filó Filho and Alexandre Dias the speech of Táta Ricardo Tavares, leader of the terreiro Unzó Tateto Lembá, who is a Clinical Psychoanalyst and Social, Institutional and Clinical Psycho-Pedagogue, also a Master in African History and Culture. With more than 20 years of existence, the Unzó Tateto Lembá located in Camaçari, Bahia, was listed on May 10, 2016 by the Municipality of Camaçari / BA. The process for the listing and the studies that compose it lasted more than 6 years and were the result of the struggle of the Priest of the House and Táta Ricardo Tavares.

Usafricarib 1993 Party

With its rhythm salad that mixes the best of black music - soul, funk, reggae, charm, salsa, merengue, zouk, samba, afro-baiana and African pop, the USAFRICARIB project created a new style of enjoying all the rhythms of black music. All of these rhythms with a foot in the mother Africa make up the menu of the party that has been periodically gathering aficionados of black music. A new style of dancing to the powerful rhythms of black music. So is USAFRICARIB. The USAFRICARIB parties, as the name implies, are dedicated to bridging the gap between the sound produced by black communities in the United States, Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. Among the faithful frequenters, there are politicians, artists, students and professionals, in short a select group of opinion makers who make the parties the greatest mood ever seen in Afro-Brazilian parties.

Act against the Black Youth Genocide - 2015

Mobilization of black youth on December 3, 2015, in Madureira neighborhood in the northern part of the city of Rio de Janeiro after the slaughter where 111 shots were fired by military police at five black youths, and then tried to plant a gun in the victims' car. The dreams of the five boys were interrupted by more than 100 shots of rifles and pistols fired by PMs from the 41st BPM on November 28, 2015.

Act against the Black Youth Genocide - 2015

Mobilization of black youth on December 3, 2015, in Madureira neighborhood in the northern part of the city of Rio de Janeiro after the slaughter where 111 shots were fired by military police at five black youths, and then tried to plant a gun in the victims' car. The dreams of the five boys were interrupted by more than 100 shots of rifles and pistols fired by PMs from the 41st BPM on November 28, 2015.

Candidate Abdias do Nascimento - Part 2

Part of the speech given by candidate Abdias do Nascimento, at the time (1982), candidate for federal deputy for the PDT in a ceremony at the Associação Cultura de Frevo Pás Douradas in Realengo, west zone of Rio de Janeiro. There were: Deputy José Miguel, Ananias, Paulo Nunes, Leather Hat, Eliza Larkin, among others.

Show dos Trapalhões - Zacarias

Trapalhões Show at Circo Voador

Augusto Bapt Program

Program aired on March 15, 2020 on TV Alerj with the guest of the musician, researcher, educator and producer, Carlos Augusto Baptista, known as Augusto Bapt.

Martinho da Vila - Doctor Honoris Causa

Cultne a enregistré le 31 octobre 2017 le prix du docteur honoris causa à Martinho José Ferreira, Martinho da Vila, chanteur, compositeur, musicien, écrivain, poète et défenseur de la culture noire. Le titre a été accordé par l'Université fédérale de Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) sur la base d'une proposition présentée par le Département des lettres vernaculaires de la Faculté des lettres. Le titre approuvé par le Conseil universitaire indique que l'artiste «est devenu un médiateur entre la culture populaire et érudite, en raison de ses qualités biculturelles en tant que maître populaire et idole de l'industrie culturelle, ce qui a amélioré ses performances dans la promotion de la culture populaire et de la militantisme contre le racisme dans la société brésilienne ».

From Grief to Fight: Jacarezinho Reacts

A film by Manuela Veloso and Vik Birkbeck portraying the reaction of what was the biggest lethal slaughter within a community in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The film brings the movement of the residents and the acts carried out against this barbarity.

From Cabral to George Floyd - Where the sacred fire of freedom burns

Through clippings of historical testimonies, poetic and musical interventions, debates, interviews, journalistic articles, animation and important reports from several black personalities in the world, the film draws a narrative line between the construction of racism in Brazil and the United States, having as European invasion in the country, police violence, the genocide of the black provo, the massacre of indigenous peoples, religious violence, the criminalization of funk, structural racism in art and education, the importance of quota policy and the need for urgent historical repair as a commitment by the Brazilian state to the black people.

In secrecy

The film "No Sigil" tells the story of two gay favela residents who have known each other since childhood and were separated by fate. Renatinho (played by Victor Monartz) got involved with crime and Caio (played by Victor Marinho) follows the path of the arts. But, as the story unfolds, they get closer, which becomes a motivation for Renatinho to change his life.

Nzinga: Traveling Women - Vanessa Soares

Traveling is an act of courage. Do you want to fulfill your dream? Discover the story of Vanessa Soares and her dream come true of getting to know Nigeria.

Carlos Dafé & Show - 7 Decades - Your Way of Looking

Show on October 27, 2017 to celebrate 70 years of Carlos Dafé. Carioca from Vila Isabel, he is one of the precursors of soul music in Brazil. From 1972 he released several LPs and CDs, as well as being a keyboard player for the highly regarded band of Tim Maia and participating as a guest on several albums of important artists of national black music and MPB. Among his greatest successes are: “Wake up I want to see”, “Come and miss me”, “The cross” and “Why do I remember what I cried”, with over 100 re-recordings and used as the theme of the soap opera Dona Xepa.

Rhudson Victor's mood

The meeting of comedians Serjão Loroza and Rhudson Victor, dialoguing the issues of the black community with great humor.

Awurê - Oxumarê

Homage by the ÀWÚRÉ group to the orixá Oxumarê. Formed from unpretentious encounters and members full of luggage. A walk through the different forms of samba, Jongo, ijexá, coco and some touches of candomblé; the group works with respect for the sacred and as a means of cultural preservation.

MC Raphão Alafin - Pt 1

Cultne recorded the 4th Hip Hop DJ Meeting that took place on May 18, 2012 at Itaú Cultural, in São Paulo, the performance of MC Raphão Alafin and DJ B8 on the Itaú Cultural stage during the 4th Hip Hop DJ Meeting in Sao Paulo.

Black Woman in Cinema Lecture - Part 6

Cultne Seminar - Lecture on the Presence of Black Women in Cinema - March 25, 2010 at Cinema Nosso in the neighborhood of Lapa, downtown Rio de Janeiro. Participants: Vik Birkbek (mediator) and the speaker actresses: Léa Garcia, Shirley Cruz and Iléa Ferraz.

Lelia Gonzalez - Black Feminism on the Stage of History

Created in 1997, the Memory Project was created by the Banco do Brasil Foundation and has as partners in this edition the REDEH Human Development Network and BrasilCap. The Cultne Collection provided part of the images for the making of the documentary.

“I discovered the magic of cinema at almost 60” - Episode 4

Aware of the stereotypes and reductionisms that, in general, are attributed to black people in the audiovisual, Edileuza is purposeful: “I want to talk about love”, he says. And it is in the face of loves and affections that cinema becomes, for the director, a place of refuge.

Awurê sings for Ogum Onirê

Directly from Quintal de Madureira on June 22, 2019, the Awurê sings to Ogum Onirê.

Live - Forms of Black Resistance Against Racism in the South of Rio de Janeiro

Live to debate the Forms of Black Resistance Against Racism in the South of Rio de Janeiro in spaces of African matrix religions and Afro culture. Our guest speakers are: Mãe Célia Morais - Mother of Santo from the Spiritist Center Nossa Senhora da Guia (CENSG), Eked Janaína - Director and Composer of Grupo Afro Iya Mí Dunda and Mestra Arara - Master of Capoeira, Educator and Undergraduate in Social Service.

DJ Nino Leal - Review

The guest of the week is DJ Nino Leal.

I Baile do Amor

Baile do Amor entitled to a lot of black music of the most varied strands and the show by Melanina Carioca with the participation of Tiago Thomé. High spirits and beautiful people marked this party that came to stay in the black carioca scene. .

Leci Brandão at Portela in 2015 - Pt 01

Shows by Leci Brandão on the Portela court in Madureira, Rio de Janeiro. The night featured the opening show of Juninho Thymbau and Jongo da Serrinha. The event was "Candiá, o Encontro" which aims to celebrate black culture and its origins, bringing gastronomy, crafts and dance in one space. The movement was born from the union of 05 highly regarded samba circles in the segment, such as Terreiro de Crioulo, Samba da Cabeça Branca, Aldeia do Samba, Samba at Minha Casa and Jacutá do Samba.

Tribute to Zulu Nation Brazil

Tribute to Zulu Nation Brasil based on the musical base of his CD "Uma Voz Keeping Hip Hop Alive". Founded in 2002 by soulman "King Nino Brown", "Zulu Nation Brasil" is a direct affiliation of Universal Zulu Nation of New York, the birthplace of the Hip-Hop Cultural Movement.

Boa Vista Solar Theater - Chicco Assis

Cultne recorded with chat, images and editing by Filó Filho, Vik Birkbeck and Nelson Maca the conversation with Chicco Assis, the current manager of Cine Teatro Solar Boa Vista. Chicco is one of the important collaborators of the "Pra te Lembrar do Badauê" project that took place at CineTeatro Solar Boa Vista in the Brotas neighborhood. On that occasion, the poet Nelson Maca from Coletivo Blackitude collaborated with the Cultne Collection interviewing Chicco Assis, coordinator of the Cine Teatro Solar Boa Vista, always in tune with the cultural memory of the neighborhood where he is located, started the celebrations for the 35th anniversary of Badauê, holding several concerts with the participation of several artists and the community, with the desire to continue activities to promote this memory.

Tribute to Aniceto of the Serrano Empire

Aniceto de Menezes e Silva Jr. was born on March 11, 1912, in the neighborhood of Estácio. He was one of the founders of the Escola de Samba Império Serrano, where he was the official speaker of the school. Aniceto do Império Serrano, as he was known, carried in his veins the roots of the high party, where in direct verses, like him, he never existed the same. In addition to taking the roots of jongo, lundu, capoeira, and all of our musical origins. Aniceto divided his life between samba and Cais do Porto,

Book Launch Jurema Batista

On October 21, 2011, Cultne recorded the launch of Jurema Batista's biographical book "Without going through life in white" at the Museu da República in Catete. The event was attended by politicians, personalities and friends of the author.

Martinho Da Vila - Black Lives Matter (Lyric Video)

Lyric Video Song: "Black Lives Matter" Singer and composer: Martinho da Vila. Direction: Natália Tavares Illustration and Motion designer: Fábio Teixeira, Victor Scub and Guilherme Vilela

March of the Black Women 2015 - Brasília DF

On November 18, 2015, women from all parts of Brazil marched in Brasília, in a protest against racism and social and gender inequality in the country. More than 50 thousand people participated in the event. With images by Filó Filho, Naluim Mahim, Pedro Oliveira and Alexandre Dias, the Cultne collection recorded this historic moment.

Black Bom Em Casa 2021 - Charme Carioca - Live

Performance by the Charme Carioca dance group at Baile Black Bom's Live in 2021. Baile Black Bom proposes a journey through the time of black music with reinterpretations of the greatest classics of the genre, from 70's soul to contemporary hip hop interpreted by the band Peaceful Consciousness.